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George Pennington

Training Emphasis

  • Soft skills (personal and social competencies): trainings for managers and employees with topics such as dealing with conflicts, high pressure at work, complex leadership tasks, difficult teamsituations, communication, resilience
  • Team building: promoting a culture of trust, which enables good and effective communication
  • Group coachings: 'pit stops' coachings in departments, with managers and other functionally connected groups, including 'fit for change' coaching
  • Individual coaching: self-competence in every situation, at work or in private life

Professional Experience

  • 1974 - 1977 independet photographer in London (Pennington Studios)
  • 1977 - 1984 psycho- and physiotherapeutical work (primary therapy, self-awareness, massage trainings)
  • Since 1979 meditation teacher (The Tables of Chatres)
  • Since 1984 independent trainer and coach in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Great Britain and the USA for businesses and education providers such as the ZfU (CH)

Trainer Qualifications

  • Training for moderation bei COM TEAM (1984)
  • Teaching Award in Gold (ZfU 2002)
  • Outstanding Teaching Award (ZfU 2011)
  • Life-long learning by doing

Studies, Professional Training

  • Sociology and psychology studies (University of Heidelberg 1966 - 1972)
  • Psychotherapy with G. Seaborn-Jones (London 1973 - 1976)
  • Dipl. in physical therapy (ATI London 1976)
  • Dipl. in agriculture (Oaklands, St. Albans 1977)
  • Numerous trainings in different areas


  • „Vom Schielen und Schauen“, Haug 1995
  • „Das Taoistische Gebet“, Kösel 1995
  • „Shadowrider - Field Notes of a Psychonaut“, Lenzwald 2013
  • „Bewusst Leben - Psychologie für den Alltag“, Lenzwald 2014
  • „Die Tafeln von Chartres“, 7. Aufl. Patmos, 2017 (1. Auflage Walter, 1995)
  • „Kleines Handbuch für Glasperlenspieler“, Lenzwald, 2017
  • zahlreiche Fachartikel zu den Themen Wahrnehmung und Bewusstsein