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Change management

Change as constant – Change as chance.

Globalisation, digital revolution, dynamisation of innovation cycles – change is long since an everyday occurrence. Only the pace has increased. Studies by management consultants Accenture prove: the success of change stands and falls with the leadership competencies of middle management. One of the requirements is the ability to integrate changes into a vision that gives meaning and meaning and inspires and motivates employees to commit themselves with their performance and talents in the sense of the whole.

Change Management needs leadership qualities. Upcoming change projects or projects that are stagnating in implementation can be a good opportunity to review and modernize the leadership culture of an organization as a whole. Typical challenges for change processes such as resistance, conflicts and demotivation offer the possibility to implement modern management tools and to bring your company on a sustainable course for success even in uncertain conscience.

Change constantly – See chances, use chances

Change management, dp-Akademie 2016

Fig. Change Management, dp-Akademie 2016

In the long run, anyone who sets changes in motion before they become necessary for survival will be successful. Who seizes opportunities before they are seen by others. Systemic leadership provides the tools to do this


Systemic concepts first developed in biology. They were developed from the observation of the continuous adaptation of organisms to their environmental conditions. Life is change. Humans specialize in adaptation. Researchers observe that social systems, like biological systems, have everything you need to take advantage of change. Systemic management can support this process. Through a social culture and above all the right impulses. 

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