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Nowadays a leader is juggler of change in difficult times. He/She has to manage high complexity and dynamic, and work with different, ambitious and unlinked Individuals all over the world.  In the modern work environment a traditional way of thinking and acting is often not working anymore. Excecutives have to face new challenges every day. On the one hand they have to balance customers´ needs and the company´s interests and on the other hand they have to disband from tight sturctures and safety - and always initiate change in the organisation.

To manage those challanges successfully, we offer You:

Open Seminars

In-House Consulting

To promote this change, the dp-academy offers customized development programs for all levels of management in your company. You will acquire all necessary perceptions and skills. 

Fig.: 4 Leves of Leadership & Executive Coaching - Daniel F. Pinnow, 2011

The connection of theory and experience.

The proven approach of systemic leadership is the theoretical basis of our work. However, it is not only the theoretical basis, it is the connection of theory and practical experience in leadership, which makes the dp-academy unique and from which our customers benefit.