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Team development

A company is only as good as its employees. However, it is not enough to have many excellent individuals and experts, because many tasks can only or much better be worked on in a team, especially when the complexity of the task increases. An efficient team does not just fall from the sky, but can be developed. Through group and individual discussions, workshops and training sessions, processes and structures within the group can be developed and optimized to enable more efficient cooperation.
The need for team development can have different origins:
- Building a new team
- Fusion of different teams
- Decentralization of a team
- Conflicts in the existing team
- New leadership in the team
Good teamwork has many positive effects for companies. On the one hand, it has economic potential, as work steps can be better coordinated, agreements can be made more easily and problems can be solved more efficiently. This increased productivity enables significant cost savings. On the other hand, good teamwork promotes the social spirit of a company. Teamwork creates a more pleasant corporate culture, increases employee motivation and satisfaction.
However, a prerequisite for the many positive effects of teamwork is good team development and good team leadership.

You have top talent, but no top team yet?

Then if you know 11 World footballers are not yet a good team and certainly not world champions. It all depends on how they play together. The enthusiasm for the team idea has subsided somewhat in recent years, after it became apparent that the equation: a handful of exceptional talents does not always work out so easily.

Teambuilding & Changemanagement, dp-Akademie 2016
Fig. Teambuilding & Changemanagement, dp-Akademie 2016

Enable synergy effects.

The synergy effects in interdisciplinary and divergently composed teams can be particularly stunning. Individual success increases, talents enrich each other, different perspectives and competencies combine to form surprising innovations that are implemented in optimized processes. The prerequisite is that the team can work together optimally. The flatter the hierarchies, the more innovative the cooperation is, but the more demanding the cooperation is. Work processes negotiated at eye level call for completely new competencies, especially in specialist areas that are trimmed down to individual services. 

The trainer matters.

Professionals can help a team to develop processes, structures and forms of efficient communication and cooperation – whether in group and individual discussions, workshops or training sessions. Especially when a team is rebuilt or decentralized, when several teams are merged, a new leadership is to be deployed, or conflicts exist – a professionally managed team development shortens and optimizes the processes. And it pays off.

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