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Executive coaching

What is executive coaching? A definition.

Coaching for executives takes effect where it is a matter of advising and supporting executives in the leadership process. Over a pre-defined period of time, a coach supports his client in a continuous consulting process with the conscious reflection of task, situation, goals and values. It is a matter of making decisions in such a way that they correspond to one's personality and one's own goals. In this way it is necessary to develop one's own leadership style further in order to internalize the most important qualities of a leader through targeted coaching.

Executive Coaching, dp-Akademie 2016

 Fig. Leadership & Executive Coaching, dp-Akademie 2016

The situation of the counselling should be taken into account. Whether it is a question of defining new goals, implementing changes in business, resolving stagnating problems, taking on the first leadership role in a career, or optimizing communication during employee interviews – New tasks not only pose many questions for prospective managers. During coaching, the success of the goals set depends on the quality of the answers to these questions.

Success factors for managers - What makes good coaching?

The success of coaching for executives is not certain under any circumstances – on the contrary: Since there are no qualification criteria for a coach, great care is required when choosing a coach for executives! But what makes a good coach? Let's take our in-house approach as an example:

The dp Academy for Systemic Leadership provides specialized coaches depending on the consulting focus. Each coach of the dp Academy for Systemic Leadership has his or her own leadership experience in senior to top management positions. In coaching this means for you or your employees: exchange at eye's length, whether in problem understanding, reality testing or the development of solution ideas.

When choosing coaching for executives, it is therefore recommended to pay particular attention to the coach's experience as a manager and in counselling, as well as to positive recommendations and references.

Benefits of leadership development through coaching

If executive coaching is carried out professionally and according to proven methods, this is the perfect instrument to support executives in their personal development. For typical challenges to executives, advice should be provided. Such coaching offers the following advantages, among others:

  • Situational and individual counselling approach
  • Identification of client-related personal development experiences in leadership situations
  • Data protection and integrity with trustworthy coaching partners

The systemic approach to leadership in coaching

Not only the practice of coaching for executives, but also the theory behind it should be based on a tried and tested basic understanding of leadership in the company.

The seven core competencies of leadership and coaching - Daniel F. Pinnow

Fig.: The 7 core competencies of leadership & executive coaching - Daniel F. Pinnow, 2011

The coaches from the dp-akademie are therefore working on the current approach of Daniel F. Pinnow for systemic leadership. In addition to the usual sizes used in other approaches, the focus here in coaching is on the executive himself.

This also applies to the way our coaches work. Nötige self-reflection, self-criticism and self-control are important factors, in order to increase the own self-confidence, as well as the confidence, which coworkers set into one,! A boss is not just a boss, but an important part of the management who not only pays attention to his own management development, but also ensures that the employees in his business can develop as well.

How our coaching supports leadership development

We are happy to help you get the most out of yourself and your business and to lead employees in your company correctly. Take advantage of the expertise of our trainers, consultants and coaches and Contact us. Whether in a workshop, seminar, individual or group coaching - together each coach will work out a suitable and individual solution for you, your employees and your situation.

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