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In challenging situations of life or in the job, coaching is one of the most effective consulting and development methods. In executive coachings, a person’s solution oriented problem- and self-reflection is stimulated so that he or she can develop solutions on their own without being provided with suggestions by the coach. Through this approach, the client is able to find ‘his or her own way’ and therefore find a sustainable solution.

The coaching takes place as a continuous consulting process within a limited time frame. Within the process, predefined goals are examined and checked on a regular basis in order to guarantee a strong orientation towards solutions.

Typical fields of consultancy for executive coaching are e.g.:

  • Target setting and change processes
  • Leadership of teams/organizations
  • New professional challenges
  • Motivation of oneself and others

Die sieben Kernkompetenzen der Führung und des Coachings - Daniel F. Pinnow

Fig.: The 7 Core-Competencies of Leadership & Executive Coaching - Daniel F. Pinnow, 2011

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