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21st-century leadership means saying goodbye to fixed structures, values, and certainties. It means managing highly complex and dynamic environments and working w© Alexander Höhnith individuals globally and interlinked on real-world and virtual levels. And it means, to recognize the employee as valuable capital – and to treat them as such.

In order to reach this goal, it isn’t enough any longer, to follow longstanding management techniques. Instead, a leadership approach lived by the executive or manager is the key. But what is the difference between management and leadership? Management stands for the organization of operational sequences, and for the coordination and the controlling of processes. Leadership, in contrast, means to provide employees with a vision, to motivate them and to inspire them to initiate innovation, creativity, fulfillment, and change within the company.

To do so, an executive needs to:

  • Know him- or herself. An attentive self-perception, self-reflection, self-criticism, and self-control are the basis to lead others.
  • Lead employees. A flexible and individual leadership style, which the executive can adapt to the needs of the organization and the employees, is the key.
  • Lead the organization. This not only concerns the organization and processes. It is equally important to actively drive change to stay successful as a business in an increasingly complex world.
  • Lead within his or her environment.  An executive is responsible for the effects of their action on the corporation and the environment and promotes sustainable action.

To drive this change within your company, the dp-Academy offers tailored development programs for all leadership levels within your company.

The approach of the dp-Academy is based on the theoretical work of Daniel F. Pinnow on systematic leadership. What sets us apart from other providers is the fact, that every single trainer of the dp-Academy has gained many years of leadership experience themselves in higher and top management positions and therefore can combine theoretical and methodological know-how with practical experiences. As a consequence, we can support you faster and more effectively with your problem-solving.

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