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Today's businesses need tomorrow's leadership.

Globalisation, digitisation, liberalisation – business environments have changed significantly in the last quarter century. The competition is always just a click away. Technical, political and social developments are opening up rapid opportunities that want to be seized or disappear.

To keep companies on the road to success in the future, we need a generation of new navigators who can read the environment and integrate the expert knowledge of all. Because employees are not only becoming globally sought-after capital – their motivation and ability to develop innovative ideas and shape changes are decisive for the success or failure of a company.

Die vier Interaktionsebenen der systemischen Führung - Daniel F. Pinnow

Fig. Leadership development, dp-Akademie 2016

Future seeks vision.

This development results in a change of paradigm in the area of guidance. Leadership is in demand: the ability to integrate corporate goals into visions that motivate, inspire and make sense. It is an old hat that Bürocracy and hierarchy have served their purpose in the old understanding. And yet the images, stories and tools of communication associated with it live on. Everyone somehow knows how important visions are and nobody knows how it really works.

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