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Conflicts cost people a lot of strength and time – and the company a lot of money. In situations, in which people interact with each other, however, conflicts can never be entirely avoided. Even more: they are an integral part of any coexistence. The goal, therefore, isn’t an entirely conflict-free environment, but rather a constructive, satisfactory, and sustainable handling of conflicts. This not only includes coping with the conflict itself, but also the establishment of supporting and coordinating structures.

Conflicts can develop on many different levels:

  • On organizational levels
  • On executive levels
  • Within teams
  • Interpersonal
  • In external relationships (e.g. with customers or suppliers)

No matter which origins: Conflicts can be harmful to individuals, teams, as well as entire organizations and require professional handling.

Trainers, consultants, and coaches of the dp-Academy help you to detect the potential for conflicts, reach agreements and create sustainable structures in order to avoid future conflicts or to improve the handling of those.

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