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Conflict management

Utilize Conflicts.

The right thing is: conflicts cost money. Nerves, time, strength, money. Also correct is: Conflicts save costs. They are not only unavoidable, but even useful. Especially in times of change. When skeptics meet movers and shakers and cool computers meet daring visions, then it is well advised who knows how to use every angle. They will plan the change and implement it at exactly the same speed as is optimal for the success of the project. The decisive factor is the way in which the project is carried out.

Conflict management & Coaching, dp-Akademie 2016

Abb. Conflict management & Coaching, dp-Akademie 2016

Profit from experts.

Use the expertise of our trainers, consultants and coaches and get the most out of your conflict. Whether you are coached as a leader or hire one of our mediators to moderate a conflict, a professionally managed conflict improves relationships, structures, processes and participants gain conflict competency for their next conflict. Who is sure to come. But then it can be used optimally with minimal friction.

We are happy to advise you!

Egal where you have tensions – whether at organizational or management level, within teams, interpersonal or external to customers or suppliers, together we can work out an individual solution. Talk to us.
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