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A company is only as good as its employees. Yet, it isn’t enough, to hire a number of excellent individuals and experts. Many tasks can only – or at least a lot better be worked on in a team, especially with increasing levels of task complexity. Efficient teams, however, don’t fall out of the sky. But they can be developed. Through group and individual conversations, workshops, and trainings, processes and structures within a group can be developed and optimized, and hence a more efficient collaboration enabled. Lived leadership is necessary. 

The necessity of team development can have different origins:

  • Assembling a new team
  • Merging different teams
  • Decentralization of a team
  • Conflicts within an existing team
  • New leadership within the team

Great teamwork has many positive effects for a company. On the one hand, it has economic potential as the work steps are coordinated in better ways, agreements are made more easily, and problems are solved more efficiently. Additionally, this increased productivity allows for greater cost-savings. On the other hand, good teamwork promotes the social spirit of a company. Teamwork creates a more pleasant overall company culture and increases employees’ motivation and satisfaction.

Requirements for the many positive effects of teamwork is a great team development and a great team leadership. The dp-Academy helps you and your company to profit from these advantages, as well.

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