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Portrait of the academy of systemic leadership

The academy of systemic leadership | dp-academy is an institue for development of executives, who want to lead efficent in a increasingly komplex and fast world.

The academy of systemic leadership has a holisitc, systemic approach to different business environments. Besides method-, knowlege- and leadershipskills there is payed attention to personality development and individual communication. All Trainers - among them the well-respected experts Alexander Höhn, Andreas Patrzek and Daniel F. Pinnow - have longterm experience in leadership. Based on their knowledge practical and individuel solutions can be found and be implemented in business.

The dp-academy not only teaches its approach, but practices itself. Instead of putting participants into rigid patterns, the dp-academy responses individually to the customer´s needs. Decentralized trainings and inhouse seminars are as well part of the dp-academy´s offer as executive coaching and consutings for leadership and management skills.